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The Society

The Gundaroo Film Society presents movies for the community in the local Hall in a friendly atmosphere.  It currently has over 100 paid up members and the monthly film nights are well attended. The film group is buzzing in 2016.


Organization Overview

The first known Gundaroo picture/film society was established in 1905. The society has held screenings on/off over the last century in the Gundaroo Hall for the local community and visitors in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The society has had plenty of stops and starts over the years but is active today. After recent breaks for refurbishments the society is back up with new digital equipment, a new large screen and new enthusiasm.

From rudimentary beginnings with projections from the back of trucks into the hall, and the odd outside showing, to reeled projectors in a fire proof projector room, the Hall now boasts a high definition digital cinema projector and electronic screen.

With about one screening per month, special fundraiser food nights occur twice a year raising funds for the Hall.  All members of the Film Society are also Hall Members.

The Hall also is fortunate to have in-house commercial kitchen used by “Doorstep Dinners” who provide small gourmet meals for members with the cuisine sometimes matching the theme of the movie to some extent.

The society is a paid up member of the NSW Film Federation and by default a member of the Australian Council of Film Societies, and as such is covered by insurance and abides by Federation Film rules.

The Gundaroo Film Society may well be Australia’s oldest film society. Pictures were shown in the Gundaroo Hall, which in the 1890s was actually built as a roller skating rink known as the “Elite Skating Rink”. Travelling picture shows occurred first, which were shown from Grenfell through to the coast in towns along the Cobb and Co roadway, which is the main street in Gundaroo. Pictures would have been projected from carts and trucks into the Hall from outside. This was followed by talking pictures in the 1930’s and 8,16 and 33mm films from a projection room. Post World War II the Hall was renamed the Gundaroo Soldier’s Memorial Hall. In March 2013, the society celebrated going digital with the launch of new projection equipment.

Last year the Film Society worked to implement a new surround sound technology and managed to implement it for the July screening of the ‘The Rocket’.  Members will tell you it was fantastic.

The society is non-profit and charges a nominal fee of $50 for 10 screening nights for the 2016 calendar year – 14 films.  For a further $10 members can attend a Director’s Cut Series programme  screening another 10 Sunday night films. For more details see the Join page.

Members are able to invite a select number of guests per annum.

All residents of Gundaroo and surrounding areas, including Canberra, are most welcome.

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Gundaroo Film Society

The Gundaroo Film Society presents movies for the community in the local Hall in a friendly atmosphere.

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